5 Places To Get A Tattoo, That Employers Won’t Care About

There’s still certain kinds of businesses that frown upon tattoos and would prefer if you didn’t have tattoos, or at least covered them up. In this video we’ll talk about the places to get tattoos, that employers won’t care about. So if you plan to get your first tattoo and you then you plan to get a job this video is for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wETHh0iuAy0

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  1. music.saves. us. on

    sadly, some of these hidden areas are more painful than the visible ones. I wish people could just accept tattooing as a way of self expressing instead of judging it & avoiding tattooed people. it will make things much easier. great video, as always! x

    • Sam Lymburner on

      music.saves. us. like josh dun or brendon urie they’d have to wear a long sleeve if they were to get a job that wasn’t self employed

    • Vampire Girl on

      Yeah you are right…Can you imagine working somewhere and you see a man or a woman no with tattoos because tattoos are common but with holes on their face? 0_0

    • lookingfordanny on

      Angelo Basso If tattoos look unprofessional or not, really lies in the eyes of the beholder. For example, if a waiter serves me and they have a rose tattooed on their neck, I wouldn’t give a shit. But If they have a swastika on their neck, then they would never get this job or any other job in the first place. Same goes with people who have holes in their faces, as long as it doesn’t cause hygienic issues, then it’s fine. People need to get over themselves and see that just because they don’t approve of something doesn’t mean others have to obey their opinions. It depends on each case individually.

    • Angelo Basso on

      Vampire Girl employers couldn’t care less how you feel. having a tattoo in some place extremely visible: face,neck,hands looks extremely unprofessional and might deter potential customers. that also includes other things like people putting huge holes in their face to fit spacers and whatnot

  2. Andrew Laliberte on

    Depends on the type of work you do as well. I’m a machinist and am covered in tats down to my hands. I would think it would be different in an office setting perhaps…

  3. Animal Ranger on

    I have a question, if you have sleeve tattoos, can you still be a veterinarian? or wont anyone hyer you

    • jose1041996 on

      the vet i go to has tattoos everywhere in his body, still takes care of my 5 dogs and everyone i know from young to old goes to him for their pets.

    • Riley Corkery on

      Animal Ranger the truth is probably not. Being a vet is a very serious and hard job. I want to be a vet and you have to go through years of collage and its harder to get into vet school than medical school. A vet is a doctor for animals and i doubt a doctor would get a job with a sleeve. Thats the truth. If you want a serious job, you want your coworkers to take you seriously as well.

    • Gabriel Lessard on

      who care as long you do your job ?!? go to the interviewed with a long shirt lol they wont kick you out beacause of your tats… IF yes sYNdicates haha 😛

    • Péter Pogácsás on

      FreeFromWaste yeah that theme would be more interesting, and when i say where people don’t care about tatts i mean white colour workers

    • FreeFromWaste on

      Péter Pogácsás I misread the title and totally thought that your idea was the title of the video. I already am a machinist and am inked, but I feel like a few inked pals could use a little help like you were suggesting, not like this vid. 😂

  4. vute101 on MSP on

    I have 12 tattoos and guys unless u can handle Hella pain font get a quite large tattoo on ur side i have a skull tattood on my side and it isn’t completely a side tattoo but it starts in the middle of my back all the way to my belly button and it hurt like a motherf*cka it took a long time to heal too also don’t get a tattoo on the underside of your arm it hurts alot too, I have “Lose Yourself” lyrics on the underside of my left arm and it really hurt but if I’m bored I just have to read my arm gives my something to do

    • lost in my head X on

      SiiR LOU i want to become an artist anyway

      rn i have a job that allows tattoos, and i am not planing on getting my first tattoo on a spot i can hide for work

      like my upperleg or something.
      or my stomach.

      also, im a girl

  5. Jamison Borsuk on

    im totally covered, my hands are covered… I can no longer hide my tattoos, i get judged all the time…its super annoying….fuck people, get to know me first.

  6. englemint on

    My friend has poor distance visibility. To him everyone with a tattoo outside of a 10 foot range looks like they are just bruised up.
    32 % of people on the planet have the same disability.

  7. Loreena B on

    i have my thighs and calves done. i can show them off at one job but the other one doesn’t allow shorts or skirts of any kind, so nobody gets to see them unless i come in on my day off lol. They’re great places to get tattooed if you want to hide them from employers.

  8. William Petrén on

    5 places that are better, Armpit, Between ass cheeks, Inside of mouth, Under your foot and the scalp if you are not bald.

  9. bootslawless on

    No offence but this video is a bit silly. It goes without saying that an employer won’t care if you have tattoos that are not visible. How would they ever know? Things like your back, chest, stomach, upper legs and feet will likely never be visable at work.

  10. MusikPerspektive on

    Well, it is not that the employers don’t care, they just don’t know these tattoos are there since they are hidden all the time…

  11. Mikayla Kennedy on

    ‘Back of the neck.’ I’m fucking black, I have a god damn Afro. I’m not like these white bitches who can just let it down. And if someone tells me to get a weave? Like no.

  12. TheoreticalGenius on

    If I was an employer, I’d probably have a bias towards people with tattoos since I normally really like them.

  13. OhMyHoodness on

    it’s a law that they can’t NOT hire you just because you have a tattoo , even if it’s on you’re face bud.

  14. Tyler Pearce on

    I want to get a tattoo on my ass, but I am worried about my employer seeing it… Give me a fucking break. Get the tattoo that you want, express yourself. If your employer doesn’t like it, find a new one, or go self employed. Life is too short to please other people.

  15. Shaun Sheep on

    uh no shit they dont mind cuz its all covered by fucking clothes. Dumb video of the day that I sadly watched while typing this comment..

  16. Sofie on

    I would never want to work at a place where tattoos were looked down at. At my current job as a cashier no one cares. Some of my co-workers have tattoos on their bodies, even on their hands and fingers. Face piercings is also ok. I’m studying to be an engineer and I don’t think my future employee will care either.. It’s STUPID to judge people by their looks, fucking hell. Maybe people are more accepting in my country than in the US? I live in Sweden.

  17. Buckshot Jack on

    seeing someone with out a tattoo for an entire day is impossible for me my mom step-dad step mom and dad all have tattoos

  18. Derivative MVs on

    A good rule of thumb is: No tats above the neck or below the wrist cuffs. Literally anywhere else and you can wear something to cover it up. Most jobs will allow you to wear a long sleeved shirt under your uniform with only certain colors allowed, (usually White as it’s the least distracting color).
    The behind the neck one was the only surprise to me as I had never thought about that before. No one really would be looking there, and at the same time it’s so obvious 😛

  19. alfredo shaka dubs on

    fuck employees.if you are thinking work first,are you sure you want to get a tat. life first,work way down the line.

  20. Caitlin Mccommons on

    I will be getting my first tattoo soon, can I have a bit of advice from people that currently have body art (not necessarily All body art, that is).l? I just want to be prepared for anything, and maybe others past experiences can help me.

  21. what am i doing with my life on

    “difficult to go a day without seeing a person who has at least one tattoo” haha jokes on you, sometimes I go an entire week without seeing any people!

  22. Alex Elizabeth on

    I’m an idiot ha I thought the title was saying what JOBS (places) you can have tattoos, not where on the body

  23. RawPrincess818 on

    me and mom both work for schools and have tattoos I’m a custodian and she a lunch lady, our boss doesn’t care if the custodians have them but the cafeteria workers have to have there’s covered

  24. K on

    I’ve got a full sleeve tattoo on my right arm. A half sleeve tattoo on my right arm (From shoulder down to my elbow). I also got a chest tattoo and a tattoo on my back (It’s small and is near the bottom of my neck). My employer does not care at all that I have tattoos, but I kind of prefer wearing full sleeve shirts or a suit to hide my tattoos at work. That’s just me!


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