Amazing Tattoos That Cover Up Scars

A scar on your body can be embarrassing. It can affect your self-confidence and even make you shy away from social situations. Luckily, several options are available. One of them is camouflage tattooing. With advances in technique over the last several years, camouflage tattooing is a solid way to reduce the appearance of scars. The process is highly similar to that of getting a normal tattoo, but the surgeon uses a pigment to match your skin tone, often with imperceptible results. Scars should be at least two years old before undergoing camouflage tattooing to ensure they are fully healed. If conventional tattoos are more your style, you can cover scars with those as well. Consult your tattoo artist for the best type of design to cover your specific scar size, location, and color.

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  1. dnguyen253 on

    I got a tattoo to cover up a burn on my arm. The burn was from being drunk as fk and eating hotpot around drunk people. Man…. I make good decisions .-.

  2. Dream Catcher on

    i think people shouldn’t be ashamed of their bodies. They should be proud of scars, as this shows they have lived a life and experienced a lot.

  3. Nadun Muthumala on

    Cheers for the Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you heard about – Schallingora Removing Flaws Scheme (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for getting rid of your ugly scar without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cooworker after many years got great results with it.

  4. Sasha DRAIN on

    alot or these tats are from cutting and depression which i am reall glad that they see thier mistakes and regret what they have done cause thier life is obviously alot better

  5. Vampire Girl on

    Scars are so bad-ass but some of them they seriously need to covered by tattoos!
    But i guess is depentented from the scars.
    I have scars. One under my jaw and in my right thumb but i don’t want to cover them in the near future.
    3:09 Look how beautiful this tattoo is!
    Nice job tattoo artist which i have no idea who you are.

  6. The forever puppy club Llama on

    It annoys me how some of the women are covering up their scars for c-sections it is supposed to remind you of your child, but that is my personal opinion.

  7. Jamie Hayes on

    I have a large birthmark on the right side of my stomach, near the bottom of my ribs and I want to get it removed. I know that means I will have a scar but I think I would like to get a tattoo to cover the scar as I think it would look quite cool.
    My birthmark was never always as big as it is now. It was a lot smaller when I was born but it grew over the years to the point where my parents were concerned it might be cancerous. I went for multiple check ups from different doctors over the years but luckily, it was nothing to worry about. However, there is still a small nagging fear in the back of my mind that it could turn into something dangerous a few years down the line but the biggest reason I want to get it removed is because I think it’s ugly. It makes me self conscious and I never wear a bikini because of it. Whenever I go swimming, I always make sure to wear a one piece swimsuit that covers my mole/birthmark because I don’t want people to see it. Even when I was going to check ups at the doctors, I was reluctant to lift up my shirt to show them because I didn’t like the way it looked and I still don’t.
    I would definately consider getting a tattoo to cover up the scar when I get it removed and it would make me feel more confident about wearing crop tops and bikinis because I would want to show off my tattoo πŸ™‚

  8. Abby Bonds on

    I have a large scar that goes from my left shoulder blade to just under my right armpit. However, I won’t cover it up, I’ve had it longer than I can remember and it grew with me. I was born 4 months early and they had to do surgery to open up my airways, in order for me to breath properly. As I grew so did the scar. I quite like it but I love how people can take something traumatic or dark and turn it into something beautiful.

  9. theaterhobo on

    That first picture is fake. It’s from an SFX makeup tutorial from a youtuber named petrilude.
    Nothing against the video, though.

  10. Wolfpack Wolfie on

    Tattoo World I don’t really think it’s a good idea to cover up scars with tattoos cuze when ur older u can remember… HEEEπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  11. Wolfpack Wolfie on

    Don’t be affaid, i have a pimple on Both gands and im starting to get a there one and i tried to cut them all but it gavΔ“ me memories,that i have to remember, Like when my dog Kora died she was a sousage dog and she died 1 month ago in February in the school holidaysπŸ˜•πŸ˜• i miss u KoraπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  12. Adam Cory on

    Personally I think that’s an awesome idea. There are so many people that are afraid to show their scars but that’s scar tells a period in their life that they might want to hold onto or they might want to cover up so I think it should be their own option, if they want to cover it with a tattoo 0r if they want to just show the tattoo and were probably that’s cool to.

  13. kawaii smilies on

    So amazing! ive been wanting my self-harm scares tattooed for ages now as im a single mum to my son i wouldnt want him to grow up seeing them but finding someone who would tattoo over scares isnt so easy though as i would feel ashamed to ask

  14. Tigrerra2015 on

    I kinda got scars on my shoulders… from playing tag and me not watching where I was going and ran into a bush…. it hurt like hell like there was shock to the nerves my mom said (ps she was a paramedic before). But I didn’t need to go to the doc thank god

  15. Allison Mullins on

    I love all of these, but I would never want to cover up a scar from a C-section. That would be proof that life came from my body–a tiny, perfect human.

  16. Rachael Nicole on

    When I’m old enough I’m going to get a broken heart with a zipper bringing it back together to cover the scars all over my thigh. And then a rose on my arm to cover those scars. And then a butterfly to show how far I’ve come c:

  17. Batgirl 569 on

    I think the tattoos are beautiful just like the scars. You can cover your scars up but in my mind I think that covering them up you cover up a memory of something that happened to you that you survived from and that you shouldn’t really cover them up. I say this because I want a tattoo in the future but not one that covers me scars that I have like on my chin or legs and arms. But you can do want you want to do.

  18. Christina France on

    I think that what you do for people is truly amazing! You give people the power and choice, to take control, and not be defined by their scars! And the creations you put in their place are stunning!

  19. Lucy Vitek on

    beautiful artistry here but with alot of them its heartbreaking to see that people have physically hurt themselves and then want too or feel it nessesary to cover them up but i think in a way that my scars resemble a terrible time in my life but also shows that i broke free from that.

  20. KillingYou WithLogic on

    I got a skin zipper tatt over a scar..Got my arm cought in a fiber optic J lasher ate my arm pretty bad got sick of people asking if I did to my self so got the skin zipper over most of the with dark shaded featured tats on inside

  21. I am Darkwood on

    Scrolling through these comments I noticed a lot of people saying that scars are a sign of survival and shouldn’t be covered. It’s a great point but for me anyway when I see my scars I’m proud of myself but I feel no need to be reminded daily of my mistakes

  22. Aimee PARSONS on

    i have bad self harm scars and im only 13 and i wish i was old enough to get a tattoo to cover then cause i HATE them, they remind me of extremely bad times in my life πŸ™

  23. Michelle on

    I wouldn’t cover up scars, if you get a scar by accident then i think it’s i sign that you’re really living life and not just sitting at home

  24. Sid Moujalli on

    I have a scar on my face from my cat. Thank god it’s only 1 line and not like 3. I hate meeting new people. “What happened?” Saying I got scratched from my cat is so embarrassing. I say “don’t worry” and sound so depressed. They ask “are you okay?” and I don’t know what to say because there’s a line on my face that will be on my face for my entire life and I can’t do anything about it. My cat nearly killed my eye. The scar goes from the middle of my forehead down to the right side of my face, on my eye lid and under my eye. So basically on the right side on my face.

  25. Carin Rempe on

    I love this tattus <3 I want two because wenh I have 13-14-15 I cut my arms and legs I have cuts,i want tattoos because I never want to se that <3

  26. Jennyfisch on

    I’ve yet to see a scar that I find ugly. I think a body without scars is boring. But if there’s a traumatic experience or bad memories connected to it I can understand why people want to cover them up.

  27. FaTaLxWild101 on

    Those tattos are amazing, awesome and much more I specially liked this 1 on knee and 1 on the whole arm where mummy is on

  28. Tyler :3 on

    I think this is amazing because they are turning their scars into art. It builds their self confidence, if they are self-conscious.

  29. marianna rollins on

    so beautiful especially the jellyfish and the Japanese cherry blossom, not saying that anyone has to cover up their scars though, scars are beautiful too as they show the pain and things you have overcome or the better person one has become, but some people just want to make something outstanding and captivating from their past and give it new meaning

  30. cherry875 on

    Last year a friend with an illness took his life. We lived together in a special home for mentally ill children. He wasn’t feeling well and went to a clinic. One night he broke out of it and threw himself in front of a train. It was on a Tuesday morning and we got the news In the evening. I was okay in the first night but on wednesday I self harmed myself. I cryed a lot and had to go to a hospital because I cut myself very deep. A few days after that I stopped cutting, stopped to throw up and started to go to a normal school again. It’s the biggest scar on my arm and it reminds me every day of him. I miss him very much. I don’t want to cover it but I want to make a flower which “grows out of the scar”. I think that’s a beautiful idea

  31. Tordy Lordy on

    you shouldn’t be ashamed of your scars though, I know they can be embarrassing but you should love them! it shows that you are a survivor (self harm, surgery exetra)

  32. Bubble Tea Turd on

    you shouldn’t be ashamed of your scars though, I know they can be embarrassing but you should love them! it shows that you are a survivor (self harm, surgery exetra)

  33. ζœιƒ¨ζ‘œε­ on

    You are beautiful the way you are so you don’t have to change anything the earth gave you😊

  34. kelly lamb on

    I have a number of scars throughout my body. The oldest scars i have i got as a child at the hands of my stepdad. Those ones are mainly on my scalp and a couple are on my face. My fringe hide the one on my forehead and the one just below my eyebrow is so faded now that it rare anyone ever notices it, When i was 19 i had a boob job. I am comfortable with those scars ! i saw them as being the 1st scars that brought me happiness and were of my own choosing. in my early 20s i had to have a cancerous growth remover from my upper left are and was left it a nasty scar that bust back open within a week of the surgery because it was under a lot of tension & subsequently healed very badly. over the following couple of years I got tired of people asking me how i had gotten such a nasty scar on my on my arm. Peoples reactions became a constant reminder of something that i just wanted to forget about and move on. So designed a tattoo to cover it up. Now i just get comments on how people like my tattoo instead. Had the scar of been in a less obvious place and not on view then i doubt i would of ever chosen to cover it with a tattoo. All my other tattoos are in places where most people don’t get to see them as they in areas i tend to keep cover with my clothing. I have a huge scar on my tummy that goes from where my ribs meet down to my pubic bone. That scar as been opened up 6 times now. 5 time due to peritonitis and and the 6th time was in the beginning of this year when i had what the Drs suspected was an hernia bulging out a couple of inches above my belly button which was causing me considerable pain. but when the surgeon opened me up it turned out to not be an hernia in the end but was cause by some weak area in my abdominal muscles that they needed to fix. So as you can guess its quite a large nasty scar i have running down my tummy but for the most part no one gets to see it these days other than some close female family members and a few of my close circle of girl friends when were are getting ready to go out night clubbing. It never bothered my late husband he was just glad that i was alive and well and saw the scar as a small price to pay to keep me alive. Am sure should i ever start dating again i will feel uncomfortable about revealing the scar to someone new in my life but will cross that bridge when i come too it. I do not see me choosing to cover that scar with a tattoo. I also recently got another scar from having another cancerous growth removed from the right side of my neck but luckily i can hide that with my hair which is a good job really as i would not have a tattoo on such an obvious place as my neck.

  35. Cemitrix Plays on

    great idea. let’s cover up a mark on our body. WITH ANOTHER MARK ON OUR BODY

    except for this time it look cooler

  36. NymphetaminexXxGrrrl on

    Funny how i never really thought of stretch marks as scars before.. I am covered in scars from my own experiences in life, and i have never felt ashamed of them, but what bothers me is how people assume they are self-harm scars and say things like “you suck at suicide, try again” Like a scar i have across my upper chest from childhood, and people actually think it was an attempt to slit my throat? Like that’s not even my neck :/ Just bothers me how people make assumptions, and also that they are willing to belittle someone who in fact might have self-harmed. Anyway the only “scars” that are embarrassing is stretch marks, guess i will have to think of those as a journey as well.. some beautiful art work by the way! I like the fish bones, as it doesn’t cover the actual scar but still makes it into art in a comical way!

  37. The Stoops on

    I *need* the last one. my entire left arm is scarred…and i get really depressed looking at it, same with my thighs…I know I did this to myself but I wish I could move on and THIS COULD HELP ME.. (I had someone 2 days ago ask me while I was swimming if I cut my legs, I replied with “no..” ; “what are they from then?” ; “well I mean I used to” <- out conversation and now I feel ashamed to swim..

  38. Edward Bavaria on

    These tattoos are beautiful! just speaking from an art point of view! And that point of view is the only one i am concerned with right now.

  39. Ivana Furdi on

    This makes me happy just by knowing that they were so happy to get them done. I can’t even imagine how happy they were.
    And yes, scars are things to remind us of what we’ve been true, but it’s a personal decision if you want to share that with others or you just don’t want to look at it or you want art on that spot to remind you of how strong you’ve been.
    So yeah, this makes me happy because it made them happy for sure.

  40. Tracy Edmonson on

    I had my stretch marks covered after my daughter was born. I absolutely love my work and the way it covered everything while accentuating my hips. Now I have to decide if I’m going to do my scars from breast cancer surgery.

  41. Relentless One on

    I had surgery on my heart 10 years ago,is it possible to cover my scar completely,can somebody answer me?

  42. Ellison Help on

    Am I the only one who thought the scar on the woman’s face was beautiful and made me just want to find out more about her?

  43. Aggie on

    To everyone saying “oh, scars are beautiful, you should embrace them, they tell a story, blah blah blah”: GOOD FOR YOU. If you have scars and love them – great. But not everybody does. I hate mine still, over 7 years after the surgery. It reminds me of what I’ve been through more than anything else, even things that in theory should bother me more than a scar. I would do anything to cover it up. So please, don’t say that scars are beautiful. Most of them (including mine) are not, period.


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