How Tattoos Age Over Time: reasons and advices

Your new tattoo might look pretty awesome now, but have you ever wondered what it’ll look like when you’re older? Well check out these tattoos to see for yourself how tattoos change over time.

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    • Loreena B on

      Anonymous it depends on the quality of the ink and the artist, and how much upkeep you put into it. i got my first tattoo almost three years ago. it has faded a little bit, but it still looks fine because i moisturize it and use sunscreen. i got three tattoos so far this year and adding two more in the next two weeks. i use sunscreen on my healed ones and keep them moisturized. you have to maintain them to avoid getting touch ups.

  1. Mrs.Tyrant on

    Still worth it. You can always have them touched up at some point. All tattoos “spread out” at some point, but one of the tricks I know of is to have color outlined in black as much as possible, as in Old School style ink. Black ink doesn’t spread or fade as readily as colors do.

  2. Dana20570 on

    I use sunscreen everyday on my artwork, I have lots of colourful ink and use 110 sunblock as part of my morning routine, not only a lot of $ but I do love them everyday!! keep the world beautiful get inked!!

  3. Dragime on

    Has none of these people heard of touch-ups? One after 6 weeks, and then touch-ups every 2-3 years. That’s the commitment of good tattoos; they’re not only expensive when you first get ’em, but they cost money to maintain for the rest of your life.

    • Dragime on

      Tattoos in high-traffic areas tend to need touch-up every 2-3 years. Some don’t, as it depends on your skin and your body’s ability to heal, as well as the tattoo itself and whether it contains dark inks, outlines, etc. And by touch-ups I don’t mean going over the entire thing again; I mean going over fading/blurry lines or depositing additional colour. I also mentioned in another reply that tattoos over skin that sees less movement don’t tend to require touch-ups until 5-10 years down the line, but again this is dependent on many factors.
      I’m also an artist (not tattoo artist by any means) and as such have a trained eye for details. That, coupled with being a perfectionist, means I tend to be stupidly fussy about my ink lol

    • buster130579 on

      a touch up every 2 to 3 years? how bad is your artist? my tattoos have hardly changed in 10 to 15 years.

    • Dragime on

      …What? A touch-up is a touch-up, not a re-work. By definition it’s a “quick improvement made to the appearance of something”. You NEVER go over the entire thing when you get a 6-month touch-up, unless the tattoo is 10+ years old, or it’s something small. That’s why it’s called a touch-up.

      And yes, scar tissue holds less ink than non-scared tissue, but unless you’ve gone to a scratcher your scaring should never be hypertrophic or anything worse than a flat-healed scar from a scab, which can always be tattooed over. But scar tissue heals over time. I’m sure you’ve had a scar that was bad when it first happened, and was maybe so for a few years, but eventually fades to white and, generally, goes flat. Scaring from tattoos does the same; it scars at first, but after a few years the scarring has reduced and can be worked over again, hence the 2-3 year touch-up period.

      And again, a touch-up is small enhancements, not a whole rework dude.

    • IfYouMeetAWolf on

      Adding a little bit of extra colour to the places it didn’t stick is one thing, but you don’t go over the whole thing, which is what happens when you do a touch up. I you have to re-do the whole tattoo after just 6 weeks, that’s one shitty artist, and/or you yourself fucked something up real bad.
      As for hand and feet (soles and palms) tattoos, they will generally barely make 2-3 years, more so 6 months if you’re lucky. Who would keep on throwing money on a tattoo that wont last?
      I stand with the fact that skin can only take so much in one and the same spot.

    • Dragime on

      Tattoo artists like to do a 6-week touch-up as it’s hard to accurately tell (a) how the ink has taken until it’s healed (wounds heal within 6 weeks, you’re not reopening a wound, it’s creating a new one) and (b) it’s difficult for artists to know what has/hasn’t been tattooed what with all the ink, blood, and swelling going on. They can’t tell if they’ve missed a spot until the tattoo has healed, therefore, you go in for a 6-week touch-up.

      And 2-3 years is standard for touch-ups in areas that experience a lot of movement, such as hands. Areas of a larger surface area can generally go without touch-ups until they begin to fade/blur, and so for them a touch-up every 5-10 years is definitely the better option.

  4. ESUSAMEX on

    I want to get a tattoo once I have children; I will get it in an area where I can cover it most of the time.

  5. Jamie Jared on

    this is why it’s best to splurge a little bit and go to a professional shop, even for simple designs. they’re more likely to have higher quality materials to give you better results.

  6. Loreena B on

    keep them moisturized and keep them out of the sun!!! the sun is the worst thing for your tattoos!!! so many people think that once they’re healed, you don’t have to do anything to them.

    • Loreena B on

      +Dads Corner Entertainment yes, absolutely use sunscreen when they’re healed! During the healing process, keep your tattoos away from direct sunlight and hot water. These will interrupt the healing process. Keeping your tattoos moisturized and protected from the sun will keep them looking good for a long time 🙂

  7. kozyven89 on

    omg! What is this video? Ofc you will scare people to think this is what hapen when you get a tattoo if you go to the shity tattoo “artist” that theese came from! One was even homemade prob with just needles and regular peninc! Dont go and make people belive this shit! A good tatto will not be looking like this after just some months and years. The tattoo industry has changed and so has the tattoo.

  8. A. Coutu-Kellam on

    This video is a great example of some poorly done tattoos. Whether it was the ink, the artist, or the healing, or all three, proper care was not put into these tattoos for them to last. I have 5 tattoos. And all of them look the same as after they first healed. One in particular is full colour with no outline and it looks the exact same, no fading, no shifting, it’s not misshapen. It’s 4 years old mark just passed.
    That being said, there is some decent advice in this video. But always do your research about finding a good artist. Inks too and ask what kind they’re using. And listen to your artist when they tell you how to heal. Do research on how to keep your tattoos sharp. And if you’re a first timer or live alone, get it in a place that makes it easy to care for (eg, not your back).

  9. Mark Britton on

    Must’ve been a real shitty artist or no aftercare by the client – the swallow & heart/peach thing have almost vanished 4 years on, almost back to normal skin. 1) don’t go to a shit/cheap artist 2) follow artist aftercare advice 100% 3) sun cream & moisturise. Dicks!

  10. jon smith on

    The reaosn most of these have faded so much and so quickly is because they don’t have a strong outline and are poorly done to begin with

  11. Amelia Nelson on

    Also keep in mind that most of this look to be lacking UV care. if you really love your tats cover them up whenever you’re in the sun.

  12. Gay Gurl on

    A few things… one tattoo placement has a big impact on how ur tattoo fades Two you’ll always have to get touch ups Three in my option script tattoos don’t ever look good after a few months because they bleed And Four if you don’t take care of your tattoos it won’t look good with time you’re supposed to put sunscreen on any visible tattoos after they heal.. even if you won’t be outside for long

  13. Kayla Rek on

    Tattoos will always fade , if you dont want your tattoo to fade much you have to treat it well , colours are also known to fade my advice is to keep your tattoos black and grey . As for the lip tattoos they always fade away after a year or even a few months . With hands its always up to waiting to see if all the lines will stay . Hand tattoos almost always need touch ups

  14. James Russell on

    if you take care of them none of this will happen. lotion every day take care of the skin it will always look good i got lots and like 10 year old and they look like I got them done yesterday.

  15. Deion on

    Finger tattoos are a pain in the ass. Both of my finger tattoos are really faded just after 2 months of having them.

  16. Spooky on

    Sunscreen and lotion are tattoo’s BFFs.
    That aside, the music in this was super creepy and I ended up having to mute it because it made me incredibly anxious x-x

  17. Francisco Duran on

    tattoosE are still ugly,,,,,and those woman that do that shit to their body,,,,so fcukin stoopid,,,,,,,,If theres an image,,words that you like or LUV sooo much,have proffessional draw it to any size you want ,,,,,THEN FRAME IT AND PUT IT SOMEWHERE SPECIAL SO YOU,,,THE PERSON WHO LOVES IT CAN LOOK AT IT AND ADMIRE IT,OR LOVE IT OR WHATEVER EMOTION IT STIRS IN YOU,,…,but dont let some fcukin tweeker,loser dumbass draw all over your body,,he doesnt give a fcuk about your body ,,he just wants money from you,,,so the point is,,,dont vandalize your naturally beautifull skin with stupid pictures of dumb shit ,,,example,,,the thinking process of a dumb fuck wanting a tatu,,,HEY!!! I LOVE THE IMAGE,,I GOTS TO HAVE IT,,IT LOOKS SO COOL!!! IM GONNA GIVE THIS TATOOO DRAWER 400$ TO PUT THIS PERMANANT IMAGE ON MY BACK WHERE I CANT SEE IT OTHER THEN BY LOOKING IN A MIRROR TO SEE IT BACKWARDS BUT THEN EVERYONE WHO SEES MY TATU WILL SAY THINGS LIKE ,,WOW THAT SO COOL,,NICE,LOVE,,BUT WHAT IM ACTUALLY HEARING IS YOUR SO COOL,,SO UNIQUE,SO WILD,YOUR SO DIFFERENT FROM THE MILLION OTHER PEOPLE WITH TATOOOSE!!,,,I AM INSECURE ,AND IMATURE,,AND I LIKE THE ATTENTION,,,,ok,tired now,,,just dont

  18. kwstas gav on

    1:23 pure nightmare,i want a koi fish in my shoulder but i afraid the ink goes like this after years ; p

  19. Dkaos Santos on

    Most of the tattoos in the video are really bad quality tattoos, like the one at 0:39 its a good tattoo and it still looks awesome. Also the background doesn’t have red ink, it’s blood from getting the tattoo.

  20. Samir Imtiaz on

    Most of these tattoos look like they weren’t properly healed in the first place because the individuals who had them didn’t take good care of them during the beginning stages of healing them up. If you do it right, your tattoo will have much more longevity and look fine for many years.

  21. dylan zona on

    a tattoo will never be as vibrant as when its “fresh”… the rest is up to the person. it depends on how they take care of it as it heals, if they sit out in the sun a lot, and if they don’t use lotions and maintain they’re skin. you need touch ups over the years, but if you get them done professionally, and keep good care of them, don’t see why you would need to get touch ups more often than every 15 years or so. I have a tattoo that I got 5 years ago, and it still looks almost like what it did after it healed. the average person doesn’t take good enough care for their tattoo, and it looks like shit. GO TO A PROFESSIONAL.

  22. fatal shadow on

    how much dose that depend on the ink cuz i got a japanese dragon on my arm 14 years ago and it looks nothing like those


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